How To Pack The Perfect Luggage In Only 30 Minutes

So you are after being able to pack the perfect luggage or suitcase in as little as only 30 minutes? You have come to the right place without our steps and tips to what to pack and priorities to make the most out of your space and time.

Choosing the right case

Make sure you are planned and ready, the best bit about packing a case is taking all the items you need, chargers, clothes, essentials and more! Without the right case, you may be limited to one pocket with a poor design so make sure you evaluate your options.

Take a look for a lightweight but highly reputable brand so you know your items are safe, one which the beams of the case done take excessive space. You have internal pockets to put other items such as toothpaste, laptops or anything else in and also external pockets for the items you need on the go.

Making the most out of your case is essential when packing in a rush because you then know you can fit all your items without the worry of forgetting something.

Plan your outfits

As much as it can be hard to plan outfits for several days, weeks or longer in advance. Make sure to plan the necessities. Think of different items of clothing that can work in combinations.

Ideas to follow are, Simple t-shirts that can be worn with Joggers, Skirts, Jeans, and Shorts. Pants that are formal but casual such as black jeans. Make the most of simple clothing if you’re in a rush because it’s better to have all-rounder and necessities than nothing that matches.


The main thing about packing right is packing the items that you need, take a step back and realise; without your hairdryer or brush, your premium handbag and more, you’re still able to go by your day. The first thing you need to concentrate on is packing the main essential items such as underwear, t-shirts, pants and toothpaste.

Once your baseline is established move on to your additional. At least then you know you have what is always needed!

2 sets of clothing

The minimum I set myself for a week or longer is to remember 2 sets of clothing. If you stay longer than a week then this should give you enough time to find a washer.

The clothing should consist of 2 tops, 2 pants, 1 pair of shoes. This being because you have a few options for at least 4 days of different clothing. With these changeable outfits, it can get you through short periods of time and still ensure you’re not unhygienic and have a variety for different occasions.

From there you can then pack more clothes and items if you have space but ensure you have a minimum 2 sets of clothing at hand.

Remember Swimming Clothes

Just please do remember at least 1 set of swimming clothes. If you’re a guy then you can always get away with some shorts as casual wear as well.

Do make sure what you bring is enough as you always have the incidents of swimming one day and needing to put back on wet and used shorts. Nothing worse!

Be prepared, even if you don’t go swimming it’s an extra precaution.

Choose the right footwear

Make sure to pack the essentials once again, something that’s smart and casual. You can get away with one pair of shoes let alone taking too much then you may have the wrong choice.

Shoes are essential for style, functionality and experiences. Choosing one pair that fit all 3 will suit you right. Make sure to actually fly and travel in your largest shoes as these would have taken more space.

Taking accessories?

Take only the essentials. Always treat it like you can only take what’s needed and not what’s wanted. Whether that is a charger for your phone so you can navigate around? A map? A precious piece of jewellery?

Prioritise items such as backpacks and a charger as I’m sure you can get away without straightening your hair if it came to it. Once you establish if you have enough room and time in your case then you can add additional.

Take a source of entertainment

Whether you get tied up with delays, need some fun or just miss your entertainment its an essential part of your holiday.

Thought about a pack of cards? Why not figure taking a mobile device or tablet, with the ability to install apps its endless amounts of entertainment with little amounts of space?

You know yourself what works for you but make sure to take some!


Now we have covered some of the ins and outs on what to pack to make the perfect luggage in only 30 minutes. Go get into gear and start packing now!

Don’t panic and have fun when it comes to packing because it’s all for an enjoyable holiday!

We hope this helped.

If it did feel free to share with others to try and help them!

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