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So, you are here to learn a bit more about us at Book in Style.
We will look into the in’s and out’s regarding who we are and what we offer. Taking a further look into.

  • Where are we based?
  • What are our top selling holidays and destinations?
  • About us as an independent company

You can get a true insight on us as a company, we want to share the facts and details on ourselves so you don’t need to worry; then you can book your next holiday in style with confidence.

  1. Where are we based?
    Book in style, currently having 4 stores across the North West. We are a growing independent travel agent with some of the best knowledge in the industry!

    Formby, the quiet little town, a location within the centre of the community. Located in a row of shops we are competing as a professional travel agent offering you the best deals possible!

    We situate ourselves in a prime location for you as a customer and the convenience of being within a local community with a very approachable store.

    Whether you’re looking online at our website? Checking social media platforms? Or coming down for a coffee at your local store. We always offer support from the offset and throughout.

With that being said, don’t be afraid to come and nip down to

“54 Brows Lane, Formby, Liverpool, L37 4ED”
for a lovely fresh coffee and chat with our amazing team to organize your next holiday away!


  1. What are our TOP SELLING holidays and destinations?

No day is the same; we can sell a variety of holidays from “Disney trips, UK Breaks, Solo Travel, Family Holidays, Caribbean Holidays and so much more”

If you want to take a look at more of the holiday types we offer, take a look at the link below for your open choice!

Within the Formby team, We can sell anything from a lovely cruise for a family or a trip away to the Maldives. You can never categorize what we offer, the amount of work our team does in securing your dream holiday is endless!

With Formby being a shy little Town and a very sophisticated approach is used. The typically holiday booked here can vary however we do tend to deal with large requests of travel such as USA or DUBAI. The high class yet also pricey destinations always go down a treat with the customers.

Don’t worry! We don’t just sell pricey holidays, your next weekend break or week away is right on our cards. Come on down and take a look at what we can offer you.

About us as an independent travel agent.

So, If you haven’t gathered. Bookinstyle are a hard-working Local travel agents based within the North West of England.

We are an independent travel agent with the goals and ambitions of securing some of the best holidays possible for you as our customer.

Since that moment we have been continuously growing and so far have opened 4 total stores, the constant development comes with more customers. The highly praised social media platforms and 5 Star reviews speak for themselves. The moment we began as a Travel Agent we took the public by storm. Now becoming your “number 1 go to” local travel agent.

We don’t just cover one style of holiday! We link with a variety of other partners and can distribute some of the best deals you will have seen, covering from

Cruises, flights and experience days.

The extensive variety in our services and deals is what has pushed us to become what we are today! We don’t just sing our own praises but so do all of our customers. Take a further look into our deals and destinations and before you know it you could be booking your next getaway with us!

Now you know about us here at Formby, Come and pop on down for a free coffee and a chat, let us get to know you a bit more and we can sort a great holiday deal out!
If that’s not you, don’t worry, feel free to take a look online or send us a message via our Facebook page! Our team are always replying to all your enquiries.


Thank you




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