The lands of Far East


Most of the people in the world idealise and dreams about the big city. Full of technology and materialistic approach make them feel luxurious, comfortable and relaxed. Few people or real people, those who want to enjoy life to the fullest, who search for little freshness and authenticity in everything they see, are the real essence of humans in my sense. Travellers have a thirst of seeking something unusual, explore hidden treasures, and seek for the purity of nature and much more. They tend to keep folk stories alive and are the ones to create new step forward towards the history. Some are just curious about everything around them, and this nature of theirs can’t let them sit idle in one place.

Fascinations of the Far East:

The Western world has taken the living standard to the highest level. Technology, science, lifestyle, tourism everything is what a man had never thought about, but it’s happening. But for those who want to see the landscape around them as the lush green trees, high mountains and a birds diving from high above the sky in the vast, never-ending blue sky, in my suggestion, they have to visit Far East lands.

Away from the tallest building and skyscrapers, entirely lavished city lines and spoonfeed adventure ranges, if your soul is searching for something more real, natural, authentic and fun, Far East nations are the place to go for. Surrounded by the big mountains, capped most of the year with ice caps, having the greenery almost everywhere, simple lifestyle, always welcoming people despite how little of the luxury they have, this is just a hint of the main attractions there.

Let’s talk more about the Far East:

Other than the beautiful and mesmerising nature covering most of the landscape, the lifestyle, culture and religion, traditions and customs of every nation are so colourful yet simple and fascinating. Either it is about China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore or about Pakistan, India and Taiwan, from the landscape to the people, in any of the four seasons, the place remains as adorable and pleasant as always. Don’t believe in the beauty of Far East, as the political and international situations arent depicting the favourable conditions for tourism? I think a little risk is deserving to have a visit to these untouched and jaw-dropping beauties of the Earth.

Things to do in the Far East:

Well, they have an extensive list of stuff to offer for tourism. From simple, beautiful and easy hiking trails to the toughest, deadliest and dangerous hiking routes, desserts to the oceans and seas, World heritage sites to the most fun and adventurous locations and much much more.

For instance, starting with the family tour, the Singapore zoo is the best thing to start with or the botanical gardens with the largest collections of orchids in the world. For adventurous and crazy people out there, what about exploring and hiking to the top of Mount Fuji in Japan or K2- World’s largest and dangerous peak in Pakistan. And what about visiting temples in Thailand with huge golden Buddha and swimming on the beaches of Singapore?  Doesn’t it sound fascinating and adventurous?

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