My Top 10 Travel Tips

Born on the 13th May 2000, I first set step into the adventures of travel. My grandmother owned property within Spain; It soon became apparent we travel a lot. So here is a list of my top 10 best travel tips.

At first, it never used to be a major thing the planning of a holiday, I was only young.

However, over the past 3 years, it all changed.

I’ve been to some very urban areas of Spain, Those in which you feel intimidated.

I’ve been to a festival abroad and experienced what its like to feel so isolated not knowing what to do.

I’ve been to a variety of destinations like the Dominican Republic, Gran Canaria, Turkey, Egypt and more! All with different culture shocks.

I have been on a vast amount of adventures.

Sitting on the back of a camel for an hour and then quad biking through the deserts of Egypt.

Scuba diving in Egypt

To the amazing rushes in the Dominican.

So, I may be young however from growing up being catered for and now sorting, organising, booking and packing my entire holidays myself, I’m pretty knowledge on some good elements.

Brace yourself for some fun tips below! Not only words of advice on the planning however here are some tips to do whilst you’re on holiday!

  1. Plan only the necessities

So, not only do I mean plan for only the necessities when it comes to the packing and organisation of the holiday, But make sure that when it comes to “What I’m going to do” “Where I’m going to go” and all the adventures your already setting yourself before you step foot in the country; Keep in mind that you will be awoken with a whole new amount of experiences you want to do when you’re there.

The worst thing would be to be living off a schedule and not feeling like you can do whatever you wanted all because you “Over” planned what was going to happen.

When it comes to your case; Make sure to check out our Other blog With tips on how to pack a case in only 30 minsHow To Pack The Perfect Luggage In Only 30 Minutes

  1. Wear sunscreen every second of the day

We all have been there “I don’t burn” “I will be fine, it’s not come off yet”.

The worst thing to happen is to have this confidence and then experience peeling or a burn. You are on holiday you want this glowing tan!

Make sure that every second of the day you are layered up in sunscreen, No matter whether you have put 10 layers on in the day, It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Imagine the scenes of not being able to go do your water sports because your sun sick or the life vest rubs on your peeling skin.

Be prepared and think of the whole holiday and your health!

  1. Take photos

Everyone says they ill take photos, Some people take cameras.

The real thing is, How many do you actually take. Maybe 4 days out of the 14 you take bunches of pictures.

Maybe at the time you don’t see it as important since you are there but imagine the feeling in a years time to be able to reflect back on your memories.

From as silly as pictures of your meals to the views on the beach and the activities you do in the day. All make your memories and build your life!

Most smartphones have a camera capable of this!
Jump on the bandwagon and get the pictures.

You never know, they could be #Insta worthy.

  1. Travel in your bulky outfit

So if you have ever travelled with hand luggage you will find that the size isn’t always the best.

One key piece of advice would be…

Travel in your bulky outfit.

Make sure you have the big shoes on, A jumper, Coat all the stuff that would fill to much of your case; Make sure you are comfy.

As soon as you are there, you can change but you now have extra clothes since you travelled in the space-consuming items.

  1. Take toiletries that you already like

You can have the tendency to go and buy new stuff for your holiday, One of the best feelings is, in fact, having a refreshing shower after a hot day.

Imagine your shock to realise the shampoo and shower gel you got actually isn’t very nice and kind of ruins your experience.

Be prepared and take the stuff you’re used to, a solid toiletry is a solid experience.

  1. Explore

You’re on holiday, you’re breaking your habits of being at work etc.

Make sure to use it to its full potential.

Go explore the different cultures, make a documentary, see the different sights and try the different foods.

The bottom line is, you are the one coming back with all the memories and experiences.

Make it count!

  1. Embrace the no wifi

Going back to the whole, breaking habit thing.

If you don’t have wifi or signal, embrace it!

You are in a different country, look at what the world has to offer, Go take photos.

Wifi will be available when your back but the holiday and memory-making won’t be!

Switch off from the outside world and have relaxation.

  1. Have a good diet

So, you might not be the sort of person who “Eats healthy” however, one horrible thing to do is go abroad in the heat, start smashing out “ALL” the greasy food and then regret it the same day or following day when you realise you feel horrible, greasy and worn out.

Yes you have to try the different foods, but make sure

To have your Water

Eat veg and fresh salad

And feel good in yourself to make the most out of your holiday!

  1. Wake up nice and early

Unlike it may be at home, Waking up nice and early has lots of benefits, you can go and embrace the lovely weather before its too hot! You can go explore while it is quieter.

Do you want to waste your time sleeping?


Embrace the different country, wake up and go have fun, you have night time to sleep not the day.

Make sure to do those things you want to and enjoy your time!

  1. Realise how grateful you should be!

Not everyone can afford or have the chance to go abroad.

Realise how lucky as a person you are! Make sure to enjoy your time and broadcast to the world the experiences you have had.

Now that that long tips and trick are over, I hope that some of them will help you.


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