Royal Caribbean is to set sail in a new channel 4 documentaries!

Included below is a VIDEO: Royal Caribbean boss reveals details of its 2020 Wave Campaign (Provided by Travel Weekly Youtube account)

The cruise company Royal Caribbean has now set voyage to feature in a three-part documentary that will be hosted on Channel 4; They have taken the route to invest into some prime time tv advertising to gain as much interest for family holidays after a two-year break.

The documentary will consist of three hour-long episodes, which will be a line that is called “an insider’s look” upon the worlds largest cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas. This whole campaign is to distribute to the public that they are the perfect holidays for families.

The company who produces for James Corden, Fulwell 73 Productions. Have been cast the ones to produce this documentary while is not only on Channel 4 however on More 4 as well.

This documentary is set to be aired during the Royal Caribbean’s “Wave” campaign in January.

Not only have they invested in channel 4 they have gone full out and also invested heavily in TV advertising during different family programmes, but not only live however also on-demand.

The Royal Caribbean “One Family. One Holiday” Campaign is to set sail on Boxing day who will be narrated by Jodie Whittaker.

The whole campaign is to take a heart-warming look at Royal Caribbean through modern families eyes.

They have also decided to be the main sponsor for the show The Masked Singer Show, due to air in January.

The Saturday night prime show has originally been aired in the US is programmed that celebrities dress in costumes in a singing competition.

This marked the first time in 5 years they have taken towards a sponsorship with a tv programme!

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