The lands of the Middle East


The lands of the Middle East

Some of the most stunning, exotic and picturesque destinations are within the Middle East. The Middle East is on the rise constantly. To fact, a 70% growth in U.S. bookings to Egypt & other surrounds countries in 2017. With over 40 different itineraries to choose from across the Middle East, You will be spoilt for choice from Turkey, Egypt, Oman and even more. Not yet fully understanding why the Middle East could be your next choice, not to worry here are some Top reasons the Middle East is great to visit.

A lot of people dream about the world of Cities with technology and a materialistic approach to make them feel more luxurious. The Middle East offers a life in which you can live this to its fullest. The ideal place for people who want to enjoy life to the fullest, people who want the thrill, adrenaline seekers and have a real hearty approach to the human element. Following lots of old traditions, the Middle East is a place to still be explored and appreciated.



Fascinations of The lands of the Middle East:

The Middle East has the incredible fascinating mix of a variety of cultures, sights, smells, sounds and attitudes. Yes, sometimes it does have a bad view by the media however you miss out on the luxury 5-star resorts, the incredible aqua parks; the combinations of slides and pools in the water parks; so much fun to have. The people there are so open-minded & in fact, you will soon to realise they have a great influence.

History of The lands of the Middle East

With a long list of stories, history dating back to the earliest points of human civilization. The Middle East has lots to be intrigued by.

Mesopotamia (Modern day Iraq), was actually the location of the Fertile Crescent.

The attractive lands, incredible views, stunning sights, mesmerizing locations (whatever you want to say) soon captivated a lot of people, no matter their backgrounds or cultures; they were drawn into the amazing Middle East.

The Middle East was considered a crossroad of culture, it began opening its shores as trade ports, it because of the mecca for religious pilgrims. And to this date, you will become alive if you were to see some of the outs of this world ancient sites.

Things to do in The lands of the Middle East:

Take some stunning pictures at the Petra, the most famous and Instagrammed place in the Middle East.

Explore Jerusalem, with so much history and culture it’s something that could be a holiday in itself.

Eat insane amounts of Humus; multiple destinations such as Israel, Jordan & Lebanon are some of the selected spots you can enjoy this!

Have an exploration day out at the pyramids, even if it’s not on your bucket list, it should be now; so much to go and see, the never-ending list of history and cultures yet to be discovered.

Go and float in the Dead Sea! Such a strange experience is however so fun!


So if you are after an adventurous or relaxing holiday. You crazy people or you chilled families, not to worry, the Middle East has all for offer.

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