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So you’re looking for the Top 5 Reasons Malta Is the Best for Diving? You have come to the right place!

Below is a list of valuable information regarding some of the top reasons malta is such a great place for diving! Make sure to let us know some of your past experiences in Malta and if you have been diving before and can offer any more advice.

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We have taken inspiration from Scubaleeds to provide you with this blog.

1: The Opportunity For Wreck Diving

Whether you have a new diving certificate or are extremely experienced, Malta is a true divers paradise. They come in all shapes and sizes with amazing different depths of water.

You can experience the 14m of water or the 40m that will lead you to the remains of the WWII Plane.

Not just the amazing shipwrecks etc you have all the opportunities to explore the incredible wildlife, amazing fish and sea wonders of the world.

A list from Scubaleeds.co.uk shows some of the wrecks that you may visit.

  • The P29 Patrol Boat
    The Rozi Tug Boat
    The Bristol Beaufighter
    The Tug 2
    The HMS Stubbhorn
    The Karwella
    The P31 Partol Boat
    The Imperial Eagle

2: The beautiful scenic, reef and marine life that you can’t miss!

As we just stated, don’t be fooled just by the shipwrecks and sights! The outstanding and the stunning fantastic underwater world is something you must live to see. Nearly each and every dive you do, you see flying gurnard fish, moray eels and so much more!

In Malta, if you find the right people and team you can always go on the search for sea horse!

Imagine that!

Like all wildlife, here is just a shortlist of what you can expect to see.

  • Octopus
    Sea Horses
    Common Pandora
    Common Sole
    Carpet Clam

3: 3 FOR 1!

Get 3 destinations all for the price of one holiday.

Malta, Gozo and Comino are the set of 3 islands all in crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. As we spoke about, they are all surrounded by the wonders of the world and vast amounts of wrecks to explore.

Malta is famous for its archaeology, buildings and historical values.

Gozo is a small quiet island which is a prime location for diving.

Comino is a small island between both.

Why not make the most of it and travel to Malta and get access to all 3 locations with the stunning views available.

4: Water Temperature is divine

So if you’re a Brit. You know our waters aren’t very nice, the looks the purity and the temperature.

No worries about Malta. Even at the coldest times of the year it only drops to around 15 degrees but even then it raises up to 26/27 degrees in the summer period.

If this isn’t what you need or want then you’re not in the right position.

5: Flight times

So your planning on going diving but it can all add up in price, The flights from Manchester on a daily basis are typically under £100 and it’s easy to realise the reasons why.

It’s so local, It’s a direct flight and it’s such a common destination its now in demand.

Now you know all the info

Drop our team a message with some tips and tricks you wish for next, the team are always happy to help.

Top 5 Reasons Malta Is the Best For Diving

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