U.K Breaks: Sometimes Home is Enough


What is the distinction between a “holiday” and a “break”?. Some say the length of time you’re away can be the determiner, whilst others believe it’s the destination. Well, we’re here to tell you no matter what classification you break your getaways into, you don’t always need a plane. Let’s take a look at one of our U.K. Deals and see if our native country can offer anything that grabs your interest.


Originally found in 1st century AD as a Roman Fortress, this Northern English city is split into two distinctions due to it’s surrounding wall that’s made from the local famous Redstone bricks. The Old town is located within the interior of the wall that surrounds the city and houses a 2 leveled shopping arcade as well as Tudor style half-timber buildings. Let’s take a closer at what this city has to offer!

The River Dee runs straight through the heart of Chester and makes a great walk for an afternoon/evening stroll with your significant other, or you and the family can get ice cream and watch the boats that drift pass.

On the other hand, why not be on one of those boats! You can enjoy a half-hour cruise that allows you to feast your eyes upon the cities beautiful skyline, some fantastic riverside properties, as well as the incredible wildlife such as, swans, kingfishers and cormorants. This lovely relaxing cruise also offers a selection of drinks and refreshments onboard at the boats bar.

The Eastgate clock marks the entrance of the 1st century AD Roman Fortress, Deva Victrix. It is potentially the most prominent landmark in the city of Chester and is thought to be the most photographed clock in England, after Big Ben of course. The present gateway can be traced as far back as 1768 and is a three-way arched structure, composing of sandstone. The top gateway connects the city wall that surrounds the Old Town of Chester and can be walked across in its circular formation.

However, the clock wasn’t always part of the structure, It was installed to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. The timepiece is also of local design after John Douglas of Chester designed the clock himself. Following its installation, the whole structure was designated Grade 1 status in July 1955.

Chester Zoo is located in Upton, just North of Chester so a little travel may be necessary for this one. Originally opened in 1931 by George Mottershead and his family, it is now one of the country’s largest zoo’s with a sheer 125 acres of land. The zoo accumulates roughly about 1.9 million visitors a year and populates over 21,000 animals with everything from the King of Beasts in Lions, to a colony of small Ants.

The zoo also runs conservation projects and offers volunteer opportunities to help give all of their visitors an inspirational day out, no matter what it is they desire.

One of the Northwest’s best cities that’s rich in culture and history is up for grabs in our latest U.K deal! From as little as £38 per person a night, you can stay in a historic manor house with fantastic bonuses, such as:

  • Free Wi-Fi in room
  • Breakfast
  • Near City of Chester
  • Indoor swimming pool & spa
  • Afternoon tea of arrival

We have dates available between January and February 2020, so please feel free to get in touch via telephone, email, Facebook or drop in for a chat and a coffee at your local store.


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