Vatican museums explorations


The Vatican land if famous for two main reasons. First, due to the smallest country in the world and second, due to the Vatican Museums – called as the Museum of Museums. The city houses 920 permanent residents only. Other than these two fascinations that attract tourists from all over the globe, the city itself represents the extensive collections of Ethnoanthropology (specially selected and gathered by popes), art and archaeology. Not only the houses are masterpieces, but the streets, local gathering spots, markets, in short, every corner of the city has anything worth seeing.

The Vatican Museums:

Containing some of the Apostolic Palace’s incredible and amazing, artistically significant masterpieces, the St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican museum stands prominently in the line of best museums around the globe. These are two major attractions for tourists visiting Rome, that make them visit Vatican city.

These two blockbuster attractions of the city contain jaw dropping masterpieces of sculptures, paintings, monumental works and any other forms of art gathered by the popes for centuries. The list of such unique displays includes the Chapel of Beato Angelico, the Sistine Chapel, the Borgia Apartment, the Raphael Rooms and Loggia, and many other masterpieces like these.

A vast collection of historical, artistic masterpieces:

The Vatican museum is entirely a mesmerising and a beautiful place to be visited once in lifetime or else you will be missing something worth seeing. In every corner, each gallery has an awesome collection of history, sculptures and bespoke art works. Other than these, the museum holds unique displays like;

  • The collection of modern religious art: The masterpieces from the Lateran Palace’s History Museum were added in 1973, and many of them belonged to the Pontifical Military Corps.
  • The Picture Gallery: The Pinacoteca is present in an old building dating back to 1932. The building itself is a masterpiece and was designed by the architect Beltrami, the most famous with unique and amazing work, of his time. This gallery is connected to the entrance of the Quattro Cancelli by an elegant portico, connecting it to the Museum complex.
  • The Missionary-Ethnological, Christian and Profane Museum displays a collection of the great archaeological and artistic objects. Out of the vast collection of such masterpieces, most of them were once placed in the Lateran Palace and are of an ethnological nature.
  • The walls of the museum are itself a display of great and magnificent art works. Most of the massive walls cover paintings under the influence of the ancient events of Roman history.
  • One of the mesmerising and the most eye pleasing of all the displays is the art of the encounter between Attila and Leo the Great in the Room of Heliodorus. Saint Paul and Peter can also be seen descending with swords to help Leo the Great in defence against Christian Italy during the invasion of Attila.
  • The Scientific Research Laboratory tend to exhibit workshops for restoring tapestries, paintings, marble, bronzes and other items and while you are visiting the museum, you can take this as golden chance to learn more exciting things.

An incredibly spiritual place where the artwork and history are depicted in sightseeing masterpieces and pleasant experiences, despite the number of visitors.

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