Welcome to TURKEY – What to do & Where to go in 2020!


Welcome to TURKEY – What to do & Where to go in 2020!

Ranked only second on Vogue’s most desirable destinations to visit, Turkey is a country with something to offer for every type of traveller. Welcome to TURKEY – What to do & Where to go in 2020! From cosmopolitan beaches to quaint local villages, stunning coastlines to culture rich cities there is something to offer for everyone. Depending on which resort you travel to, you would have a completely different experience ranging from family luxury to an exciting tour of the ski slopes.

Experience the Mediterranean coast-line, including well-known resorts such as Antalya, Belek and Side perfect for gorgeous beach holidays with all of the family; or explore the southern Aegean Coast in the nightlife centre of the country-Marmaris or the untouched ancient ruins in Fethiye a city known for water sports and paragliding. Turkey should definitely be at the top of your bucket list no matter what you’re looking for in a

Some fun top tips when visiting:

• Make sure you experience a Turkish bath, known as Hamam there is nothing else quite like the Islamic practice of having the full body wash and exfoliation followed by a massage completely relaxing the
body and mind.

• Experience the incredible food that Turkey has to offer, a tradition Turkish kebab, the delicious sweet-treat; baklava, kofte the lamb meatballs that are to die for, pide which is also known as the Turkish pizza which is boat-shaped dough filled with all the toppings a pizza has and not to forget the Turkish
tea “cay”.

• Sun tan lotion! If you’re thinking of going during high season- the months of July and August temperatures can reach up to 45⁰c so make sure you are protected against the powerful rays.

• Be sure to consider some of the excursions on offer. In particularly “touristy” areas, there are lots of full-day experiences to enjoy. Often times these are the equivalent of >£10 and includes hours of exploring by boat, jeep, horse-back or even quad or buggy with your lunch most-likely included too. Firm favourites include Jeep Safaris, a trip through the local villages with water guns to fire at people on your trip and all-inclusive boat trips where you could spot dolphins and sting rays!

• Take trips to places such as Pamukkale, Cappadocia and Ephesus. Pamukkale is a World Heritage UNESCO site consisting of hot springs in the pools of calcium carbonate that have over-time hardened to form a crystal white Cliffside perfect for photo opportunities. Cappadocia is world-famous for its skyline view of hot air balloons at sunset. Few places on earth are as magical as here, with its cave hotels and breakfasts with a view of the balloons rising for the day. Ephesus is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world as the stunning Greek city ruins still stand today as a tourist hot spot. Pamukkale and Ephesus can be experienced in a day trip together spanning a whole day and even a
one night stay best accessible from resorts like Marmaris and Izmir. Cappadocia meanwhile is a top destination for honeymoons and couples’ getaways.

• The local currency is the Turkish Lira and with the current rate is 7.9tlr to £1 meaning excellent value for money with the typical prices for ice cream at 3tlr and a Turkish tea the same. Turkey is known for being as inexpensive as you make it- meaning it is what you make it. Whether you choose to dine cheaply or not is completely up to you but it must be known is one of the cheaper holidays to go on.

• The Grand Bazaar in a huge market-like shopping mall good for traditional Turkish gifts where you can find gems for very little amounts.









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