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Caribbean Holidays

There are thousands of Caribbean islands, some uninhabited, while others like Necker and Mustique are privately-owned. The largest of all is Cuba, with Hispaniola the second largest. An unfamiliar name perhaps, but Hispaniola is home to two countries, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Seen as the ultimate tropical paradise, Caribbean holidays offers year-round sunshine, warm blue seas, friendly people and golden beaches – whispers are that the island of Antigua alone has 365 of them – one for every day of the year! Not that it’s all about beaches of course. Some Caribbean islands are top notch for action and exploration holidays, others for culture and history, then there are water sports, nightlife, nature, spas and just plain getting away from it all. 

Choose what type of Caribbean holiday you want then let us your travel advisor come up with the most suitable destinations, although choosing just one from the exciting options on offer may be a daunting task. Indeed, you may have to go back to the Caribbean several times to decide which one is your best Caribbean holiday!

The Caribbean is also a popular honeymoon destination and if you don’t fancy the thought of a traditional wedding at home, you could get married on a Caribbean beach and combine two events in one. You will need to check out the documentation necessary but many islands will marry you after a few days in residence and ceremonies are easy to organise in advance.

A number of Caribbean islands have traditional ties with the UK, so if you want to get into a long and often heated discussion with the locals on AntiguaGrenadaJamaica or Trinidad, just start talking about cricket. It seems to be their main religion!

Hotels range from basic but comfortable to luxurious and exclusive but by and large they are resorts in their own right so it’s not surprising that all-inclusive Caribbean holidays play a large part in what is on offer. The Caribbean is not ‘a one size fits all’ destination, there’s lots of variety and plenty to do for every visitor.

Caribbean Holidays

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