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Antigua Holidays

Antigua Holidays

There’s a beach for every day of the year in Antigua, no wonder sun worshippers are in their element…..

When it is not targeting sun-loving holidaymakers, the yachting fraternity and golfers, this crunchy Caribbean island can be sure its never-ending stream of celebrity visitors like the Beckhams, Peter Gabriel and Roger Moore give it an iconic appeal. Eric Clapton has a home there and Giorgio Armani owns a place on the northwest coast at Galley Bay Heights.

Things to do on Antigua Holidays:

Browse around the capital St John's, it has a lively market and duty-free shops and take time to visit English Harbour too, founded as a Caribbean base by Admiral Horatio Nelson, this is one of the island’s historic sites. Completely restored, it is the only Georgian shipyard in the world. Nelson wasn’t fond of Antigua and spent most of his time there on board his ship. However, one of his officers on HMS Pegasis, later to become King William IV, built a home here called Clarence House.

Highlights of Antigua Holidays:

For spectacular views, including distant views of Montserrat and Guadaloupe, the location for the BBCTV hit series “Death in Paradise”, climb Boggy Peak, Antigua’s highest point, and follow one of the hiking trails that traverse the island such as the Lookout Trail Swim with rays at Stingray City, a protected area surrounded by coral, or hire a boat and explore Barbuda, Antigua’s twin island, approximately 30 miles away. For a laid-back vibe, Shirley Heights is a relaxed venue where, every Sunday, you can enjoy a barbecue and the sounds of many groups. Steel bands perform from 3.00pm to 6.00pm and you can enjoy reggae from 6.00pm to 9.00pm. Don’t be surprised if Eric Clapton and other visiting musicians join in the jamming sessions!

Local Food & Drink on Antigua Holidays:

Antiguans like visitors to try their local specialties; pepperpot is a national dish, a combination of squash, okra, aubergine, spinach, pumpkin, meat and cornmeal dumplings. Other traditional dishes are pancakes stuffed with curried potatoes and callalloo soup, made with lots of cream and spinach. Antiguan food is often spicy and you may get a dish of chilli sauce to accompany your meal. Be cautious if you do, it is usually exceptionally fiery! Accompany your meal with Wadadli, the local beer or be like a true Antiguan and have a glass of rum.

You may find yourself involved in an impromptu party, Antiguan style. Steel bands, calypso singers and limbo dancers will keep you entertained well into the early hours.

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