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Grenada Holidays

Grenada Holidays

A holiday to Grenada is the epitome of luxury travel. The island remains unspoiled, with low rise buildings and it takes the word beautiful to a whole new level. The country of Grenada includes the main island of Grenada, as well as a couple of smaller islands and it is set in the Eastern Caribbean, south of the Windward Islands. It has been truly blessed by Mother Nature and has the most stunning and mesmerising beaches out of all the islands in the entire Caribbean. It is a fabulous jewel, with many facets and hidden depths.

Highlights of Grenada Holidays:

Grenada is otherwise known as the Island of Spice, due to its heritage of producing many aromatic spices including nutmeg. It has no less than forty five captivatingly beautiful beaches, none more beautiful than the Grand Anse Beach. This serene beach has two miles of powdery white sand leading into fabulously clear turquoise waters, against a backdrop of tropical palm trees. It is often the beach that is most used in pictures to advertise the island. If you prefer to be more secluded then there are many smaller coves, offering complete privacy, throughout the island. Surprisingly as well as the pristine white sandy beaches, you will find many with black sand too. The beaches are perfect to relax and enjoy the sunshine, as well as for water sports in particular scuba diving.

Inland you will find rainforests. Lush verdant rolling mountains, along with many entrancing cascading waterfalls including Mt. Carmel. Concord Waterfalls consists of three, but is less accessible. If you do not mind hiking, then it is definitely worth a visit. Grand Etang Lake and National Park is full of exotic wildlife, and it is well worth enticing yourself away from the fabulous beaches for a day.

Shopping in Grenada is awash with duty free goods and local products. St George’s, the capital of Grenada, has a main shopping street ‘Carenage’, as well as a market.

Entertainment on Grenada Holidays:

Nightlife in Grenada can be as hectic or as quiet as you wish. There are many restaurant bars with live music and dancing to local reggae and calypso music, beach parties, jazz clubs, discos and the majority of the hotels have nightly entertainment. However if you prefer you can laze on the beach with a cocktail watching the sunset.

Local Food & Drink on Grenada Holidays:

Cuisine is all about choice, there is a restaurant to cater to every palate and taste. Whether you prefer Italian, Mexican, European, American or you want to sample the local delectable dishes, you will not be disappointed.

World class hotels guarantee you a VIP luxurious holiday in Grenada, they are lavish and opulent. There is also a choice of resorts, villas and smaller guesthouses.

The weather in Grenada is nothing short of fabulous with the sun shining down nearly every day of the year, tempered by the soft cool breeze. The rainy season is from June to December, however unbeknown to many it rarely rains for more than one hour at a time and it is not a daily occurrence.

If you are searching for a romantic fairy tale place for your honeymoon, then Grenada is perfect. However Grenada is equally entertaining for families, couples and singles alike.

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