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Jamaica Holidays

Jamaica Holidays

Jamaica is a dream destination for many. It is one of those places that you could only envisage of visiting ... isn't it? Although a Holiday in Jamaica has in the past always seemed a little out of reach, times have indeed changed and a Holiday in Jamaica is far more accessible than you think.

Jamaica has become one of the most popular and idyllic holiday destinations. The blend of rich culture, beautiful scenery and the infamous laid-back way of life has holiday makers going back this Caribbean island time and time again. Just one holiday in Jamaica and you too will see why.

The Caribbean has gloriously warm weather all year round, but of course also has a rainy season so be prepared for a little rain. September through to October has the most rainfall but the Caribbean “wet season” lasts from May through to November.

Highlights on Jamaica Holidays:

There are a plethora of attractions that will keep you busy on holidays to Jamaica. Most of these encompass the beautiful natural landscape. Particularly popular activities in Jamaica are the Water sports with deep sea fishing being one of favourite pastimes, especially with a group of friends or family. You have a choice of spending the entire day or a few hours out on a boat with a native Jamaican captain who will teach you everything you need to know about deep sea fishing.

It really is no surprise that with such stunning surroundings another popular past-time in Jamaica is walking. Local guides are always on hand to show visitors the astonishing beauty of the island and one of the many highlights are the Rio Grande Valley walks. If you are looking for something more energetic when you are on your Jamaica holidays there are a number of hiking tours available which take in amongst other things, the spectacular Blue Mountains.

History on Jamaica Holidays:

If you like a site seeing and are more interested in the historical side of Jamaica then Devon House is the place to visit. Devon House is an 1881 built mansion which was owned by George Stiebel, one of the very first black millionaires. Other popular places on the island for history lovers is Spanish Town which can be found just on the outskirts of Kingston, St James Cathedral which is infamous for its magnificent architecture and also The Town Square which is a must see as you can get the chance to see where both Captain Bligh and Lord Nelson both stayed.

Jamaica is a very diverse island with wonderful influences from many cultures. If you are a “foodie” then you will be seventh heaven on your holiday in Jamaica. There are a huge selection of bars, cafes and restaurants all serving a wide range of delicacies from traditional Caribbean to Indian, Spanish African and Chinese.

Music, Food & Drink on Jamaica Holidays:

A huge part of Jamaican culture is of course music with reggae being the biggest musical export. Music festivals with bands and dancing and are a huge attraction throughout the year in Jamaica. One of the most infamous things that Jamaica is famous for is the incredibly laid back and friendly attitude and lifestyle of the locals. This atmosphere is famous throughout the world and is just one of the reasons regular visitors to the Caribbean Island return back to holiday in Jamaica each and every year.

Jamaica has lost of clubs and of bars to choose from where you can drink and dance the night away and the beach parties in Jamaica are an absolute must for young and old alike. During your stay most of the resorts on Jamaica will host a beach party for you. This is a truly an experience that you would be able to tell your grandchildren about; huge tables adorned with delicious food on white sandy beaches followed by fantastic cocktails, great music and the opportunity to dance the night away under the stars.

Jamaica of course is most popular for its soft sandy beaches which are truly out of this world. The white sands and crystal clear blue waters run along the coastline and mountain ranges and lush green forests cover the rest of the island of Jamaica to give it a truly unforgettable and remarkable landscape, making Jamaica one of the most stunning islands in the Caribbean.

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