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Caribbean Cruise and Stay

Caribbean Cruise and Stay

Fly from Manchester, London, Glasgow or Edinburgh for a dream 2019/2020 Caribbean Cruise and Stay Holiday. A cruise around the stunning Caribbean gives you the chance to explore not just one, but many of the idyllic tropical islands set within this exotic paradise. Add to this a week or two in your chosen destination and you have the perfect vacation. We have all the latest 2019/2020 Caribbean Cruise and Stay Holiday deals flying from the UK.

A 2019/2020 Caribbean Cruise and Stay Holiday will leave you with lasting unforgettable images and many treasured memories, it is no wonder it tends to be the optimum choice of holiday for many a seasoned traveller. The cruise itself affords passengers luxurious accommodation, fabulous entertainment and cuisine that would not be out of place in a high class restaurant. Whilst your stay on a Caribbean island allows you to discover the hidden depths and appreciate the laid back lifestyle.

The cruise is designed to spoil and indulge, the ships are luxurious in the extreme. Every need and whim you may have whilst on board is catered to. The staff are attentive and the ships themselves pristine. The entertainment, activities and facilities provided leave you utterly spoilt for choice, whether you prefer a more active holiday or to be more relaxed. On board you will find a variety of amenities including shimmering swimming pools, spas and shops. There is also a wide selection of dining options, lounges and bars. The entertainment provided is spectacular, with an array of acts that will amaze and astound. You can dance all night in a disco or enjoy the tranquillity of sipping a mojito quietly on deck whilst taking in the panoramic views afforded.

On arrival at your chosen destination you will be captivated. The beaches in the Caribbean are quite simply stunning, palm trees gently sway whilst the clear turquoise sea laps softly on to the powder white sand. Your time spent ashore can be as active or as quiet as you please. You can spend time relaxing on one of the incredibly beautiful beaches, mix with the friendly laid back locals in a tavern listening to a bit of reggae or enjoy the fabulous cuisine served in the fanciful charming restaurants. You can head inland to explore ancient ruins, or take a hike in the verdant forests to view the captivating wildlife and spectacular waterfalls. Water sports are extremely popular here, especially deep sea diving to observe the striking coral reefs and colourful marine life.

Barbados, Grenada and Jamaica are the more well-known islands, however there are many others that are just as breath taking. Each island has its own unique facets and each is a jewel in the Caribbean crown.

The clear blue skies provide all year round sunshine, so you can take a 2019/2020 Caribbean Cruise and Stay holiday at any time of the year.

Our friendly staff can give you the benefit of their expertise and you can secure your place on a 2019 or 2020 Caribbean Cruise and Stay Holiday flying from Manchester or London for a small deposit. You can also fly from Edinburgh or Glasgow for a 2017/2018 Caribbean Cruise and Stay Holiday.

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Caribbean Cruise and Stay

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