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Cruise Lines

No longer are cruises for the 'newlywed, over-fed and nearly dead.’ Cruise holidays have changed dramatically over the last few years and this is now the fastest growing sector of the holiday market.

Cruising has so many benefits over a hotel stay or road tour. How many hotels have you stayed in that have a west-end style theatre, gym, spa and casino as well as the more usual selection of bars, lounges, pools and Jacuzzis? Hotels stay in one place but ships move, usually at night, so most mornings you wake up with somewhere new to explore. Take an organised tour or just wander around under your own steam, the choice is yours.

There are cruises to suit everyone. Some cruise lines are ideal for families with children. In fact, the kids clubs are so good the only complaint from parents is that their kids don’t want to get off the ship. They are in a safe environment so can be left to enjoy themselves with new-found friends and it is not unusual to see children with walkie-talkies so they can keep in touch with their parents – how cool is that! Some ships also have adult free, ‘teens only’ areas.

For those who prefer a child-free atmosphere, there are ships to suit them and there are cruise lines that provide facilities for single travellers, a sector of the market that is often overlooked or held to ransom on price.

Cruises operate all over the world and it is one of the best ways to cover a region without the need to pack and un-pack your luggage. Choose from the Caribbean, Far East, Australasia, South America, Eastern or Western Europe and northern Europe to the Baltic and Russia. The choice is yours. Seeing these places from both land and sea cannot be equalled.

The key to having a great cruise is being on a ship that suits you and this is where the advice of the experts comes in. Get it right first time and you’ll be back for more.

Want to find out more about which cruise line is best for you, then why not pick from the below cruise lines and find out which cruise holiday will be the right one for you!!

Cruise Lines

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