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Marella Majesty

Thomson Majesty
Marella Majesty

TONNAGE: 32,396 GT
LENGTH: 173.50 m m
OCCUPANCY: 1,460 passengers

Like all the fleet members of Thomson cruise line, Thomson Majesty is also an elegantly styled ship. With classically designed lounges, bars, spa, salon, various dining options, great mix of live entertainment and musical performances by the talented musicians are present in a perfect amount or making visitors contented and happy throughout the voyage. The interior design and colour scheme of every section is thoughtfully done to make guests comfortable and relaxed during the whole journey.

Thomson Majesty has a capacity to carry around 1462 passengers with around 600 crew members, cosy accommodated in 732 cabins. It also features over five restaurants, seven bars and two swimming pools. So there isn’t anything that is missing on board that you need to cherish your journey. Specifically about joyful factors and entertaining venues, Monte Carlo Casino, Royal Observatory, Pool Bars, Rendezvous Bar, Royal Fireworks Lounge, Jubilee Lounge, Frame 52 Disco, Polo Club, Topside Bar and Coffee Bar are few specialities to mention and together they are enough to enchant you.

The Thomson Majesty, as per her name, it is royal in her every feature. Either it is about food venues or entertaining lounges and her interior designs, everything presents a classic flavour that can't is taken out of minds for long. About gastronomical venues and eateries, Seven Seas Restaurants, Le Bistro Restaurants, Four Seasons Restaurant, Piazza San Marco Restaurant and the Café Royale, every place focuses on presenting the best quality product to their guests. Either it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea snacks, desserts bar, drinks or coffee, everything features simplicity but the richness of flavours. The target is to enchant your senses, from your sight to eyes and taste bud to your stomach, they tend to cook and feast your soul, sort of menus, so tempting and mouthwatering.

Other general facilities like spa, salon, gym and fitness centres, swimming pools, kids club, shopping centres, portrait studio, photo galleries, card room, browsers corner, kids swimming pools, medical centre, laundry services and whirlpools are also present onboard. Summarizing all, the voyaging with Thomson Majesty will imprint your thoughts and minds with fabulous and unforgettable memories for life. Not only you will travel to the exotic and most wanted destinations from all over the world but also get to enjoy the time you spend during voyaging in the most comfortable way possible. In every sense, it is going to be an ideal ocean liner.

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