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Indian Ocean Holidays

Indian Ocean Holidays

A tropical holiday in paradise is what most of us dream of, however unless you have been on an Indian Ocean Holiday you could not possibly understand the true meaning of paradise. It is simply heavenly, a vision of such pure beauty that once seen it will be forever imprinted in your memory. Nowhere else in the world can equate to its stunning shimmering clear azure sea, powdery soft fine white sand, fabulous scenery and amazing lush greenery. It is breathtakingly beautiful.

The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean in the world, it lies between Africa, Asia, Australia and the Southern Ocean. In the middle of this expansive ocean there lie some of the most beautiful and captivating tropical islands in the world.

The most popular destinations for a holiday in the Indian Ocean are the Maldives, the Seychelles, Goa and Mauritius. The weather on all is as amazing as the islands themselves, with sunshine almost every day of the year. They do have a rainy season, so check with us in advance so we can advise on this.

The Maldives are simply divine, tiny idyllic islands akin to sparkling jewels in the ocean. Mauritius is a haven of both beauty and culture. The Seychelles are an archipelago, an extensive group of islands, which offer peaceful tranquillity and idyllic beaches. Indian Ocean Holidays are not just about beauty they incorporate the best boutique and most wonderfully luxurious hotels, a wide range of activities and the finest cuisine. A fusion of aromatic dishes that combine the best of haute cuisine from France, India, Africa, China and England. In the Indian Ocean the world really is your oyster.

Water sports are extremely popular with locals, as well as those on vacation too. Scuba diving in the Indian Ocean is a snorkelers dream, and for those who are novices then there are beginner sessions to learn. The clear warm crystal waters harbour the most fascinatingly pretty coral reefs and the most exquisite marine life. For surfers it is simply heaven. Sri Lanka and the Maldives are ideal spots in the Indian Ocean for perfect swells that make it ideal for surfing. You can water ski or paraglide, amongst other sports too.

If you are searching for the most romantic honeymoon destination, then you have found it. The islands simply exude passion and romance, what more perfect setting could you wish for? They also make for the perfect wedding venue, a wedding in Mauritius or the Seychelles will be beyond your wildest dreams and most definitely exceed your expectations. This exotic haven is the perfect backdrop to exchange your vows and the picture perfect setting for the ensuing images to place in your wedding album.

A holiday here will quite simply be the holiday of a lifetime. We are experts in Indian Ocean Holidays and pride ourselves on providing a service that ensures your vacation is planned right down to the last minor detail, we are meticulous. We will find you the best flights, the best destination in the Indian Ocean to suit and the most luxurious accommodation for your stay.

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Indian Ocean Holidays

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