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Maldives Holidays

Maldives Holidays

Palm trees lean gently and sway in the breeze, the crystal clear blue sea laps softly onto the perfect fine white sand, all around it is blissfully tranquil – the Maldives - quite simply perfection. This tropical paradise was once just for the rich and affluent, however now that there are affordable cheap holidays to the Maldives a trip to this exotic location is much more accessible. However for those who still prefer to have a more luxurious VIP holiday to the Maldives, then there are fabulously lavish and opulent hotels that definitely afford you a privileged stay. Many of the more luxurious hotels are isolated on their own private island, offering you the added benefit of seclusion and privacy.

Amazing Maldives Holidays:

The Republic of Maldives is set in the Indian Ocean and it consists of approximately 1,200 islands, the majority of which remain uninhabited. Tourism tends to be the main source of income and visitors to the islands are always warmly welcomed by the locals. The capital of the Maldives is Male. Here you can see the history and culture of the islands, as well as the islanders hard at work loading and unloading their fishing boats. As the Maldives are a Muslim state alcohol is not permitted, however as a tourist you are permitted to drink in all of the hotels and resorts.

Highlights of Maldives Holidays:

The Maldives are akin to a dream come true for those who enjoy water sports, and the abundance of marine life make it stupendous for divers. For experienced divers the clear ocean gives fantastic visibility, sometimes up to fifty metres and the warm waters make it a pure pleasure. The coral reefs and colourful tropical fish are a pure joy to behold. If you are a novice there are beginner courses to learn how to scuba dive, or if you prefer you can observe it all in the safety of a glass bottomed boat.

For those looking for the ideal destination for a honeymoon, then the Maldives has it all. There is nothing more romantic than lying on a sumptuous lounger in the middle of a secluded beach, with a glass of champagne or cocktail to hand, looking out at the fabulous horizon - absolute paradise.

Accommodation on the Maldives offers a diverse range of options, you can opt to stay in one of the smaller boutique hotels or somewhere more opulent and grand that has numerous facilities. There are many luxurious private villas too.

Food & Drink on Maldives Holidays:

Whether you choose all inclusive or decide to dine out, the cuisine in the Maldives is delicious. The local dishes tend to be mainly fish usually with coconut and rice, however there are a wealth of restaurants serving tempting delights with menus from around the globe.

The Maldives is a holiday destination that suits singles, couples and families alike. It is quite simply perfect.

We are experienced and friendly consultants that offer a unique and tailored service to ensure that your holiday is seamless from start to finish. For advice about when to go or where to go in the Maldives, or to get the latest holiday deals to the Maldives give us a call now. 

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