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Seychelles Holidays

Seychelles Holidays

When nature was handing out beauty, the Seychelles were obviously first in the queue! They are the personification of perfection, and the ideal holiday destination if you are looking for the holiday of a lifetime.

The Seychelles are an archipelago, an extensive group of no less than 115 islands. Each a sparkling jewel set perfectly within the Indian Ocean. The largest island is Mahé and this is where the airport is based for all of the islands. The capital city is Victoria and it is the smallest capital in the world.

History of Seychelles Holidays:

Little known facts about the Seychelles are that they were completely uninhabited until the 18th century and more astonishingly is that they used to be a hideout for pirates. It is believed that the infamous pirate Olivier Le Vasseur buried treasure here, most probably on Mahé. The treasure has never been located and is estimated to be worth around two hundred million dollars today!

A luxury holiday to the Seychelles is truly akin to a holiday in paradise. It has it all. Fabulous and unbelievably beautiful palm fringed beaches, clear azure blue sea lapping gently onto fine white sand, lush greenery and exquisitely coloured floral blooms. It is an oasis of tranquil serenity and unbelievably beautiful.

Things to do on Seychelles Holidays:

For those looking for a relaxing holiday, the isolated beaches afford you privacy and seclusion to soak up the sun. However if you prefer to be more energetic the Seychelles also offers a plethora of activities, cultural experiences and it has a wealth of fascinating places to explore. There are national reserves to visit, golf, horse riding, art galleries, scenic walks and trails, as well as so much more.

The marine life in the Seychelles is magnificent. For those who scuba dive they can get up close and personal. For those who prefer not to dip their toes in the water, then there are glass bottomed boat tours where you can view the spectacular coral reefs and the abundance of colourful tropical fish without getting wet.

Food & Drink on Seychelles Holidays:

Of an evening there is a wealth of restaurants to visit with a choice of International or Creole cuisine. Succulent and tempting dishes that are all freshly prepared and cooked to perfection. The fusion of flavours and aromatic spices of the Creole culinary delights incorporates a combination of Asian, African and European styles. After your evening meal you can stop at a local bar and have a relaxing drink whilst taking in the scenic views, or visit one of the three casinos in Mahé or Praslin.

Accommodation is luxurious and ranges from the all-inclusive VIP five star hotels, to self-catering in a beachside bungalow. You can even book a private island if you wish. Whatever your choice it will most certainly be an unforgettable holiday.

Affordable holidays to the Seychelles are now possible with many low price deals. For those looking for opulence, luxury and VIP treatment, the ultimate luxurious holiday to the Seychelles, then we can tailor the perfect holiday for you. For a more personal service, call us today.

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